Licensing Intake Form

Brown & Bigelow would like to thank you for visiting our Licensing web site. New images are being brought from our archive and added to the web site weekly. It is our goal to eventually bring our immense collection of artwork to the Licensing web site. The Brown & Bigelow Licensing Department receives hundreds of licensing requests each month. The licensing process at Brown & Bigelow begins with the submission of a “Licensing Intake” form. If you have any idea for a product please take the time to fill out the Licensing Intake form below and email it to   Brown & Bigelow offers flexible, and affordable, licensing arrangements and will work with individuals and businesses.

If you choose to disclose information, please note that such disclosure in no way creates a contract between you and Brown & Bigelow, Inc. Your Intake Form submission also does not prevent Brown & Bigelow from entering into license agreements with licensees incorporating similar concepts in the future. However, Brown & Bigelow does warrant that it will not actively “shop” your concept to another potential licensee. You understand that the Intake Form is only the first step the Licensing Process at Brown & Bigelow, Inc. After the Intake Form is completed, there are still several additional steps prior to the granting of approval or denial of your idea. For example, the Licensing Department would need to perform a conflict check to determine if there are any existing licensees for the image and concept you submitted. The Licensing Department will make the final decision on your licensing proposal.

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Thank you.